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Tips on rustup

Things on this page are fragmentary and immature notes/thoughts of the author. Please read with your own judgement!

Install rustup

Linux and macOS

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | bash -s -- -y

Rust tools (rustc, cargo, rustup, etc) will be added to Cargo's bin directory, located at $HOME/.cargo/bin.

You can also run the following command to install rust.

xinstall rustup -ic


  1. Download rustup.exe and install it.

  2. Download and install the Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019 . Select C++ tools during the installation.

  3. Restart your computer.

Install stable/nightly Versions of Rust

rustup toolchain install stable rustup toolchain install beta rustup toolchain install nightly rustup default stable

Install rust-src

rustup component add rust-src

Install rustfmt

rustup component add rustfmt

Install Clippy

rustup component add clippy