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Birth Certificate in WA

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Order a Birth Certificate

  1. It is suggested that you order by mail if it is not urgent. Otherwise, it is suggested that you order online and use "UPS Next Day" delivery.

  2. Order as soon as possible as some info on the birth certificate might be incorrect and it takes time to change info on the birth certificate.

Chaning Birth Certificate

  1. include a copy of DL with the original copy of birth certificate

  2. The fastest way is to contact the hospital birth registration team to see whether they can help. If the mistake is due to the hospital birth registration team, they will file an amendment request to the Depart of Health of WA.

  3. Expedite service: "Attention: Amendment Supervisor" "Attention: Certificate Exchange Department"

  4. Send the original copy together with the "Affidavit for Correction" form to get a corrected copy of birth certificate. You can also send the original copy later to get a corrected copy.

  5. Passport is accepted if all information matches. Note: if the mother changed her last name after marriage, information might not match.

  6. Where can I get an example to follow to do such a correction?

  7. To correct mother's place of birth:

    Mother's Place of Birth: OLD_PLACE Mother's Place of Birth: new_place

  8. no processing fee within 1 year of ordering birth certificate

Exchange Birth Certificate

  1. If incorrect information is due the hospital registration team's mistake, the hospital will submit the correction on your behalf if you contact the hospital registration team. If the hospital submits the correction, the turnaround time is 7-10 business days. You can contact the Department of Health to confirm whether the correction is done before sending your original birth certificate back for exhange.

  2. Write "EXCHANGE" and your current address on the front of the original copy of birth certificate. If you have multiple incorrect copies, include all of those in the same envelope and they can all be exchanged. Address your envelope as follows.

    Center for Health Statistics ATTN: Certificate Exchange PO BOX 47814 Olympia, WA 98504

  3. A photo copy of your non-real photo id/drivers license will suffice for identification.

  4. Exchanging birth certificate typically takes 2 to 3 weeks. There's no way to expedite the process. If you are under a time limit, you can order an additional copy and pay for expedited shipping at .